Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would The US Veto A UN Security Council Resolution Declaring Israeli Settlement Illegal?

We may soon find out, now that the Financial Times is reporting that Palestinians to seek UN West Bank resolution:
The Palestinian leadership is preparing to call for a UN resolution that would formally declare Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal.
Besides creating another wave of diplomatic pressure on Israel, such a move would present the US with a quandary:

The US administration would also be in a deeply uncomfortable position. Washington has recently sharpened its criticism of Israeli settlement activity, urging the government to renew a freeze on construction that expired in September. At the same time the US has a long history of vetoing Security Council resolutions that criticise Israel, and would face pressure to do so again.
One more consequence of Obama making an issue out of the settlements--not only did he force Abbas into the position of having to make them an issue as well, in addition, Obama has also revived the topic to the extent that the Arabs now have a new club to hit both Israel and the US with.

Can the US stand firm, or will it let such a resolution pass out of fear of disillusioning the Arab world even more with US policy in the Middle East.

Then again, it's not as if the Arab world already realizes that the Obama administration is not ally that can be counted on.

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Anonymous said...

Obama and his ilk cannot be trusted. Let's vote Republican and kick his cronies out! (and yes, I'm Jewish).