Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poll: Half Of Palestinians Think Killing Israeli Civilians Is A Swell Idea

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) conducted a poll in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip between 30 September and 2 October 2010.

Among the questions:

55) Concerning armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel, I...

TotalWest BankGaza Strip
1) Strongly support14.410.420.8
2) Support34.631.340.0
3) Oppose43.248.534.5
4) Strongly oppose6.07.14.1
5) DK/NA1.82.60.4

60% of Gazans support terrorist attacks on civilians while 40% of West Bank Arabs approve of the idea.
The title of the poll is generous--Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are...confused:
A confused and uncertain public:

While the Majority Opposes Return to Negotiations Under the Shadow of Settlement Construction, and While the Majority Opposes Alternatives to Negotiations Such as Violence, the Dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, or the Adoption of a One-State Solution, and While the Majority Supports Alternatives Such as Going to the UNSC, a Unilateral Declaration of Statehood, and Resort to Non-Violent Resistance, the Overwhelming Majority has no Confidence in the Efficacy of any of the Alternatives it Supports

But that apparently does not shake their belief in the efficacy of terrorism.

[Hat tip: IMRA]

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