Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Barry Rubin on Why Obama Should be Voted Out of Office Today

Barry Rubin writes One Thousand and One Articles Later: Why Obama Should be Voted Out of Office Today, noting that he has been writing about Obama's disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East for four years -- even before Obama's inauguration, Rubin invokes Scheherazade and her 1001 stories:
And now the day has come when it will be decided if he will have the same period of time once again to do more damage, to help destroy more lives, create tens of thousands of refugees, and lay the basis for new wars.

I have written about how this administration has supported the bad guys--with guns and diplomatic help--in Syria, those who want to turn the country into an anti-American Islamic republic. Of how the nation's leaders believe that helping just about every Islamist group except al-Qaida is a great idea because they will be moderate and good friends of America. Then there's the disgraceful Benghazi incident  where, whatever the precise details, the White House stood by as Americans were murdered and then rationalized the motive of the terrorists by blaming the United States. Benghazi is the perfect symbol for Obama Middle East policy. I've explained why apology, appeasement, flattery, and empathy won't work in turning radicals and terrorists into moderates. I wrote of how the claim that Obama didn't play a significant role in the empowerment of revolutionary Islamists is bogus. And of how by the standards Obama explicitly set down at the start of his term his policy has totally failed.

Perhaps most importantly of all I've explained why there is every reason to believe that another four years of Obama will be just as bad or worse, that the president has learned few lessons likely to change his approach to the region.
Read the whole thing.

And as Rubin notes, all of the examples he gives above are just from October!

The issue boils down to the support Obama has consistently given to radical, Islamist groups in the Middle East. For example:
  • Obama has helped put the anti-American and antisemitic Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt.

  • He has backed Erdogan's Turkish regime, which both undermines Israel with its support of Hamas and Hizbollah and wants to eliminate US influence in the Middle East.

  • Obama has helped the regimes of Iran, Egypt, Syria as well as Hamas and Hizbollah which all seek to destroy Israel yet claims to be a good friend of Israel.
The result goes far beyond an abstract loss of power and influence in the Middle East
Obama's policies have placed the lives of Americans and Israelis in jeopardy, as well as the citizens of many other countries, and made war more likely. For the first time in many decades, Israel cannot depend on the U.S. government. Neither can a dozen Arabic-speaking states that have relied on U.S. support. Neither can Middle Eastern pro-democracy advocates, moderates, secularists, women, and Christians. Neither can Americans.
Today we have an opportunity to change that.

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