Sunday, November 04, 2012

Palestinian Terrorists Are Now "Lawful Freedom Fighters"

Rest assured that your tax dollars that are being sent to the Palestinian Arabs to pay the salaries of imprisoned terrorists are really going to a good cause.

The Palestinian Media Watch's most recent report exposing Palestinian Authority’s payment of salaries to terrorists has led to righteous indignation from Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake who cheerfully informs us that money paid to Palestinian terrorists is actually humanitarian welfare assistance, and PMW reporting amounts to "incitement":

Responding to PMW's reports, Minister Karake has maintained that the payments to prisoners are "humanitarian welfare assistance" to the prisoners' families and children, and that this aid is "a national, humanitarian, and moral obligation being fulfilled by the PA."

On one occasion the Minister has stated that the prisoners are"lawful freedom fighters who fought for the right of their cause and for the freedom and independence of their people." On another occasion, he said that the PA "will not abandon our prisoner sons or their families, for they are fighters who resisted the occupation's oppression."
Despite the silence of the media, it appears that the reports by Palestinian Media Watch are gaining enough attention in the West that the Palestinian Authority is not attempting to offer excuses for using donations from the West for paying terrorist salaries.

The fact is that neither the West nor the media will challenge the Palestinian abuse of humanitarian terms to whitewash their murder of women and children. This is not surprising considering that one of the blots on the reputation of the United Nations is the failure of the UN to come up with a definition of terrorism. A failure that allows Abbas and the PA to glorify terrorism and incite hatred of Israel.

Nevertheless, Palestinian Media Watch notes some of the obvious contradictions in Palestinian defense of terrorism, demonstrating why the PA payments to the prisoners are salaries and not social welfare:
  • The Palestinian Authority is currently paying salaries totaling approximately 17,500,000 shekels each month to all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, including mass murderers.
  • The word used in the PA law is Ratib (????) - salary; the law never mentions "social assistance" or "welfare."
  • The amount of the salary rises based on number of years in prison, an amount related to the severity of the terror crime and not family need.
  • Unmarried terrorists receive the same basic salary as those who are married and have children.
  • A separate small stipend is given to married prisoners with children. The average prisoner salary is over 3,000 shekels a month and can reach as high as 12,000 a month for those in prison more than 30 years. The additional stipend for a married prisoner is 300 shekels and a mere 50 shekels per child.
  • The terrorist prisoner is the only one who can appoint an "authorized agent" to handle his money when he is in prison. He is not obligated to give it to his wife, children, or parents.
Read the whole thing.

PA payments to terrorists goes hand in hand with Palestinian glorification of terrorism and the murder of Israeli civilians -- and that is the real incitement that is going on.

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