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Video: How to Lie about Israel -- and Get Away With It!

We all know that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority demand preconditions before negotiating with Israel. In fact, at any given time, there have been as many as 7 different preconditions the Palestinian Authority has placed on Israel before it will be willing to sit agree to peace talks:
  • Halt to all Israeli activity beyond the Green Line
  • 1967 lines as the basis for peace negotiations with mutually agreed land swaps
  • EU support for reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah
  • EU support for Palestinian UN statehood bid
  • EU acknowledgment that UN statehood bid does not contradict peace negotiations
  • Israel must release are Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat
  • Israel must end the siege on the Gaza Strip
Now HonestReporting has a video noting that Palestinian official Saeb Erekat claims that the "Palestinians" have no preconditions to sitting down and negotiating with Israel -- and the media buys this lie without question.

Here is the video:

HonestReporting notes that Erekat is offering a textbook lesson in How to Lie about Israel -- and Get Away With It!:
Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian official, is now being quoted in the media as "backing" the efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry to get peace talks back on track. Specifically, he tells the media that the Palestinians have no preconditions to resume talks with Israel.


Except that Israel must first freeze all building in the disputed territories and release all Palestinian prisoners.

BUT -- he tells the reporters, those are not pre-conditions.

You and I understand that if you say -- "I will not talk to you unless you first do the following" that is a pre-condition.

Yet the journalists nod their heads and accept Erekat's lie.

Everyone who has followed news from the Middle East knows that Erekat is a serial lier. I'm not going to go through and rehash all the lies that he has peddled over the years. Read some of them in this article published on the HonestReporting website when he resigned two years ago:

He resigned?

That was another lie.

Is it that easy to manipulate the media?

After the first lie, he then throws in that Israel is an Apetheid state -- far worse that South Africa ever was.


And none of these reporters asked him how many black members of the South African parliament served during Apartheid. No one pointed out that Arabs serve in the Israeli judiciary, the military, hospitals, schools, --

Yet again - they print his lies!!!!!
When can we expect the media to stop printing Palestinian Arab lies unquestioningly?

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