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Obama Praises Turkey's Erdogan As Erdogan Puts A Knife in the US's Back

The situation is getting very dangerous and with a "friend" like Erdogan it is clear that Obama’s policy toward Syria, Iran, the advance of revolutionary Islamism, and the Israel-Palestinian “peace process,” is in serious trouble.
Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin writes about further signs of Obama's failed foreign policy as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Praised at White House as He Subverts U.S. Interests

Rubin notes 5 factors that should have mitigated against the warm reception that Obama gave Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan during his visit to the White House -- yet didn't. Here is a summary of 2 of them:

  • The Obama administration had pressured Erdogan not to visit Hamas-ruled Gaza, yet Erdogan announced -- in the White House Rose Garden -- that visiting Gaza was exactly what he was going to do. An alleged US ally -- and Obama did boast about the friendship and bond of trust he had with Erdogan  -- publicly says in front of Obama that he is going to defy the United States. This is a sign not only of how little respect Erdogan has for Obama and US foreign policy -- but also how little Obama will do about it.

  • Erdogan promised Obama he would conciliate with Israel -- but then Erdogan showed he would not follow through on the agreement he made.

    • Turkey demanded absurdly large amounts of money to compensate the families of the members of terrorist-associated IHH who were killed when they attacked IDF soldiers boarding the Mavi Marmara
    • Legal action against Israeli officials involved in the Mavi Marmara affair has continued
    • He has delayed the promised return of the Turkish ambassador to Israel
Rubin goes on describe how Erdogan has not only subverted US interests with with minimal cost, but that the Obama administration has abetted Turkey in doing this -- in regards to human rights in Turkey, sanctions against Iran and dealing with the civil war in Syria.

Read the whole thing.

Obama and Erdoğan
Obama and  Erdoğan from Sept. 23, 2009.
Is Erdogan really a friend of the US? 
(Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson).
Following Erdogan's lead in Syria and supporting the Islamist insurgents dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, we have reached a situation where --
One day there will be congressional investigations on how U.S. policy armed terrorist and even, albeit unintentionally, al-Qaida groups. It will be too late. The situation in Syria makes the Iran-Contra affair--U.S. involvement during the Reagan Administration in supplying arms to pro-American Nicaraguan rebels--look like a picnic.
Till then, we will have to be satisfied with the focus being only on the domestic scandals of the Obama administration.

Apparently Obama is as badly informed in making friends with Erdogan as he was in picking fights with Netanyahu -- and there is no sign that Obama has learned his lesson.

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