Friday, November 17, 2006

Minister of Defense Defeat

The pessimism and defeatism continue:
Peretz Calls on IDF to Prepare Plans to Reduce Rocket Attacks

There was a time that Israel would at least claim up front that they were going to take strong action to protect Israelis and defeat the terrorists, stop the attacks. Now the best that Peretz can do is to declare their intent to make the attacks not so bad:
Defense Minister Amir Peretz has called upon the IDF to prepare plans towards a new effort to reduce the number of Kassam rocket attacks into southern pre-1967 Green Line Israel.
But then Peretz has to go one step further:
Peretz stated that while the current situation is unacceptable, he does not believe he will achieve total success, signaling a"limited" number of attacks will be an acceptable reality.
Since when do you publicize that you are planning a military operation, say up front that it will not be successful, and inform the victims that will just have to live with being victims?

For Peretz, this is apparently not a rhetorical question.

More to the point: if Israel considers the daily firing of Kassams at their citizens aa "an acceptable reality," then why should we be shocked when the world at large does as well and focuses on the actions that Israel takes?

Israelis are angry.
Jews are angry.
Where is the anger of Israel's leaders?

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Unknown said...

On top of that..Peretz is a jerk. Take a look at his fight with Arcadi Gaydamak Because Gaydamek wanted to give some relief to the people of Sderot.
As I said there

Hey Peretz when your name startswith a P and and with a TZ the only thing missing is U. And U are a selfish Bastard !!!