Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Sure Sign That Israel Is Losing

There are signs that Israel is losing the war for her survival. Today, I received an email from the Israeli Consulate in New York that demonstrates that the loss Israel is suffering from the ongoing threat of terrorism entails a loss of more than human life:

At this time, we are pleased to inform you of our upcoming cultural events:
We look forward to seeing you.

The Whore From Ohio
Nov 30 - Dec 10
The Whore From Ohio, written by Hanoch Levin, translated form [sic] the Hebrew by Sandra Silverston, directed by Geula and Victor Attar. A black comedy by Israel's foremost playwright in which an old beggar, running from death, who goes to a whore and spends all of his savings, to the horror of his grasping beggar of a son. Levin laughs deeply at life through prototypical characters who resonate strongly to Jews worldwide. The piece is styled like a biblical tale adapted by John Waters for the Three Stooges. [emphasis added]
A play like this and the fact that the Israeli Consulate would see fit to describe it as a "cultural event" has one basic thing in common with the defeatist comments we keep hearing come out of Olmert's mouth:

A lack of pride and self-respect.

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