Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ahmadinejad: The Rodney Dangerfield of the Muslim World?

The more you look, the greater the similarities...

Seems that Ahmadinejad don't get no respect. On top of everything else, Ahmadinejad finally gets his Holocaust conference. He gets Holocaust deniers to attend, like Robert Faurisson, Frederick Toben and David Duke.

He even gets members of Neturei Karta to participate.

And what does he get for his trouble

Students from a Teheran university cut off Ahmadinejad as he addressed the conference, shouting slurs like "corrupt," "liar," and "death to the dictator."

The interruptions came in response to the intensified surveillance at the universities since Ahmadinejad came to power.

The Iranian president responded by accusing the hecklers of being "American."

Hot Air has video of the heckling.

This month alone, it has been reported that:
  • Afghanis made clear they want Ahmadinejad to mind his own business
  • People are upset with Ahamdinejad's political and social policies
  • Fellow fanatics are annoyed with him for watching a female song and dance show
  • A poll shows his popularity slipping
Ahmdinejad still has lots of support.
But his critics are not going to keep quiet.

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