Monday, December 25, 2006

My Daughter Is Becoming A...Girl

I have slowly come to realize that my 7 year old daughter is no longer just a child, but has become a girl...

Friday night, while I was in the other room, I could hear my daughter rummaging in the kitchen. When I came in to take a look, she was proudly making a pitcher of koolaid for the Shabbos meal:
  • One 2 quart pitcher
  • 4 packets of koolaid
  • 4 large scoops of Splenda
Considering that all you need is one packet of koolaid and 2 scoops of Splenda, the drink was a bit strong. Maybe some flavors aren't so bad when they're a bit strong--but this was Watermelon-Kiwi. I was a bit more successful than my wife in keeping a straight face after drinking the koolaid.

Later, still in a helpful mood, she helped set the table too--and I noticed that she was humming a niggun to herself while she was doing it. It took a moment (and a few bars) for me to realize that she was actually humming the tune to Carmen, which she picked up from a Disney movie (The Three Mouseketeers).

The following day, Sunday night, I noticed my daughter writing what looked like a note. When I asked her what she was writing, she showed it to me:

She was gracious enough to assure me that I would still be allowed into her room.
In return, I graciously pointed out to her that since Imma and Abba were still working on fixing up her room, the door has been removed from her room for the past 6 months.

Finally, this morning while driving her to school today, my daughter assured me that it was going to snow tomorrow. When I asked how she knew, she gave me a knowing look and told me that she and a friend had heard it on the news. I explained to her that the weatherman can sometimes make mistakes.

Her response: But Abba, it was a woman!

And my daughter is such a girl.
Baruch HaShem.

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