Friday, December 29, 2006

Best of The Elder of Ziyon

The Elder of Ziyon has a post linking to what he considers to be his posts of this past year.
Not surprisingly, he admits to having difficulty picking out only a few.

There are a lot of great posts from this past year that you should go and take a look at.
Personally, I enjoy the breadth of topics he covers, his historical eye, and his innovative ideas--like blogging about the Arabic Falasteen in Google translation.

Go take a look at The Elder's best.

Update: Elder of Ziyon ended up doing a streamlined version of his list and in so doing the URL changed. I've updated the link.

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1 comment:

Elder of Ziyon said...

Thanks so much.

In the end, I had to slash and burn and pick a few posts almost randomly, and in doing so it appears that your link is no longer good.

But I appreciate the kind words, as well as the exceptional job you consistently do!