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One Jerusalem: End of Week Review: May 9, 2008

From an email from One Jerusalem:
End of Week Review: May 9, 2008

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are some of the leading headlines, from the all-new One Jerusalem Blog:

Israel Remembers: (read more)

Letter to the World from Jerusalem: Thank you Anne at Boker Tov:I am not a creature from another planet as you seem to believe, I am a Jerusalemite - like yourselves, a man of flesh and blood. I am a citizen of my city, an integral...(read more)

Happy Birthday Israel: From Anita Tucker: I just returned from the Nitzan cemetery where we had the Gush Katif ceremony for those who fell on Kiddush Hashem as soldiers and by terror. Four of the names of the fallen read were from my own Netzer Hazani...(read more)

Glorifying Palestinian Killers?: Thanks Boker Tov....(read more)

Is Olmert Finished?: Israel's justice system has placed a news blackout of its latest investigation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. So like a water leak that is not properly plugged the "story" that is banned in Israel has been smuggled to the United...(read more)

Why Radical UK Muslims Are So Unhappy With Boris: As you have probably heard, "Red" Ken Livingstone the anti-semitic, anti-American Mayor of London has been retired by Boris Johnson. The Left-wing media and the Livingstone campaign have tried to convince the world that Boris is a light-weight. They, of...(read more)

London Mayoral Election: Goodbye Red Ken?: With over 75% of the votes counted our sources tell us that Conservative Boris Johnson has a considerable lead over Ken Livingstone. We reported that Johnson was leading in the polls before the election and given his comfortable margin, we...(read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team

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