Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Harry Potter and The Ziono-Hollywoodist Conspiracy"

The Harry Potter film portrays all these theories and especially the theory of witchcraft, which originates in the Kabbala. After all, the Jewish Kabbala is a school of thought which is full of secrets and witchcraft. It's roots are in ancient Egypt. These theories originate from a rabbi, or magicians of ancient Egypt, and were passed down to the Knights Templar

Sa'id Mostaghasi
Iranian Film Critic (from the video)

If Iran really is being threatened by the Harry Potter movies, then they best surrender now.

As it is Mark Krikorian writes:
Apart from the hilarity of the thing, this is actually yet another good sign for us. The idiots producing this stuff obviously don't realize how damaging it is for the legitimacy of their own regime. For every Iranian provincial bumpkin who falls for this baloney, there's an educated city person whose kids watch Potter on pirated DVDs who is wondering whether the people running the government have completely lost their minds.
This is why our long-term Mideast strategy should be to not interfere in the creation of even more Islamic theocracies, whose spectacular failures are the only way Muslims societies will ever repudiate political Islam.
If Krikorian is right, then maybe it's those Muslim rulers that Obama should be giving those DVD's to.

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