Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iraq, Israel--Whatever...

Michael Yon on Obama's handling of Iraq:
Today Iraq is succeeding, but as Generals Petraeus or Odierno might say, the situation remains fragile and reversible. Whereas the Bush-war ended in a new if messy democracy, this year we could see an Obama-war begin; the new President has sent a clear signal that we intend to mostly abandon Iraq during this crucial transition period. Today, the progress is obvious. But if Iraq descends back into chaos, the Obama-war, a newborn war, will not be a result of U.S. aggression, but of limp leadership intent on fulfilling campaign promises that were misinformed to begin with.
For all the standard talk we heard from Obama about how the US being a friend of Israel and being concerned for Israel's security--just how much can Israel rely on Obama? With the $900 million Obama wants to give Gaza, what kind of stand would the US take the next time Israel decides it does not want Hamas make target practice out its citizens?

Now Biden has announced that the US will be negotiating with the Taliban

In response to a question about how many of the Taliban might be considered "moderate" and therefore open to reconciliation, Mr. Biden ticked off some percentages.

"Five percent of the Taliban is incorrigible, not susceptible to anything other than being defeated. Another 25 percent or so are not quite sure, in my view, [of] the intensity of their commitment to the insurgency," Mr. Biden said during a press conference.

"And roughly 70 percent are involved because of the money, because of them being...paid," he said.

For years there has been talk about distinguishing between 'moderate' Hamas and the ones who apparently are under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force--one can only imagine the impatience of Obama to start talking to start talking to the members of Hamas who are not incorrigible.

Actually, there may very well be a great deal of incorrigiblity about Obama's approach in general. According to Wikipedia:
In philosophy, incorrigibility is a property of a philosophical proposition, which implies that it is necessarily true simply by virtue of being believed. 
That would explain alot.

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