Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Test: Can You Refute These Myths About Tomorrow’s UN Security Council Settlements Vote?

It was reported yesterday on Turtle Bay that In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

The HonestReporting blog Backspin addresses the myths surrounding the UN vote on Israeli settlements:
The UN Security Council’s meeting tomorrow to vote on a resolution against Israeli settlement activity. It’s time to clear up a few myths out there.
  • Myth: A US veto will spark Arab rage.
  • Myth: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the biggest source of regional instability.
  • Myth: A veto will lead to America’s isolation.
  • Myth: The world will benefit from having Israel put in it’s place.
  • Myth: The Palestinian issue must not be relegated to the back-burner.
Take a quick test: can you refute these myths?
If not, check out Backspin for the answers.

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