Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Does Qaradawi's Fatwa Distinguish Between Libya And Iran?

DG forwarded to me the following article from Babylon and Beyond:
LIBYA: Popular TV cleric issues fatwa against Kadafi

Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi, head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, issued a fatwa on live television (Arabic link) Monday night urging the Libyan army to kill the country's embattled leader, Moammar Kadafi.

"It is not heroism to fight your people and to hit them with missiles," Qaradawi said in an interview with Al Jazeera, which also hosts his popular show, "Sharia and Life."

Libyan security forces waged a fierce attack on demonstrators in the two major cities of Tripoli and Benghazi on Monday, with many reports that the regime had ordered air strikes against protesters.

Those assertions were bolstered by news that two Libyan fighter jets had landed in Malta on Monday and that the pilots were seeking asylum after refusing orders to bomb demonstrators who had taken control of Benghazi, according to the Times of Malta.

"I say to my brothers and sons who are soldiers and officers in the Libyan Army to disobey when [the government] gives orders to kill the people using warplanes," the cleric said. "I now issue a fatwa urging officers and soldiers who can to kill Moammar Kadafi."

"Shoot him down and relieve the people and the country of his burden," he added. "This man wants to annihilate the people."
He adds:
Hey he's just like Oprah; he has nothing to do with Egypt's future governance.
Indeed, the West is still stuck on seeing Qaradawi as a moderate.

A further question we might put to Mr. Qaradawi is why stop there with Libya--hasn't he heard about the Iranian crackdown on its people who are protesting in the streets?

Or maybe he doesn't mind a little shooting to keep the people in line as long as its not done by airplane.

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