Monday, February 14, 2011

Video: "Total Chaos" Reported In Iran

Clair Berlinski has been following reports from Twitter, and the indications are that the protests in Iran are for real--and that Obama better get this one right from the get-go:
Obama, if you screw this one up, history will never forgive you. Think about that. You will never be forgiven by history. You're the president of the United States of America. Swallow your pride. Get rid of that clown Clapper, get rid of all the incompetents advising you, and get an experienced A-team in the White House, now.

Here's the key Twitter hashtag: #25Bahman.
acarvin BBC producer: central Tehran in "total chaos," "severe clashes" taking place. Mousavi under house arrest. #25bahman

amouly@CNN please cover Iran protest in Tehran #iran #25bahman

fariba_98 Shame on #AJEnglish. How much did it cost not to cover Iran. You left us alone but we will prevail. #Iran #25Bahman #tehran media4iran

2 journalists in Turkish Prez's delegation went to Azadi Street. One was beaten by Basij #iranelection #25Bahman v@homylafayette

Goftaniha Ladies & Gents, what is happening in #Tehran is BIG!!! this is SERIOUS business!! #25Bahman #Iran ladyallein1 GEsfandiar young man in

Tehran: we are ready to die for freedom, last night we said good bye to each other #Iranelection #25Bahman

Newmakos TO Shirin Ebadi ... please speak up and show up in support of Iranians NOW. #iranelection #tehran #iran #25bahman

How to Control Bleeding from a Wound - Dari Persian #firstaid #greensafe #iranelection #4Neda #Afghan10 #25Bahman

DputamadreHelp To SPREED THE INFO. FROM #IRAN - Check Out The HASTAGS #25Bahman or #Iran or #Iranelection or #Tehran - Journalists r not allowd there
Here are some videos of the protests (replacing earlier videos--see comments):

Also--check out the Iran Live Blog: 25 Bahman / 14 February. Here is the last entry:
9:55 p.m. The sun set over four hours ago in Tehran. We have reports that some people are getting blankets and food and trying to enter Azadi Square area to spend the night there. Elsewhere, the stream of new information has slowed down, so the live blog will be taking this opportunity for a bit of a rest itself. Thank you for following us during a long and interesting day. The full details of what unfolded today in Tehran and across the rest of the Iranian nation will take some time to emerge and we at Tehran Bureau look forward to bringing you those stories.
Whichever country Mubarak may be in, maybe they should keep some places open for some company.
Here's hoping.

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