Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video: Iran And Gender Apartheid

We've already seen how many in Libya had to die before the UN and the West said anything--what will it take for them to take notice of the abuse of women in Iran?

For example, stoning women in Iran has a long and documented history--but don't think that the UN will speak out.

On the contrary, instead of taking a stand and speaking out against the Iranian mistreatment of women, the UN decided to appoint Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women in 2010 for a four year term.

Yeah, that will send a message.

The fact is that although the Iranian judiciary made noises in 2008 about putting an end to stoning, nevertheless, the punishment of women by stoning in Iran remains alive and well.

As Hillel Neuer of UN Watch points out, the treatment of women by a country's government has broader implications:

In light of the Gender Apartheid in Iran, the killing of Iranians in the streets by their own government really comes as no surprise.

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