Wednesday, March 23, 2011

France Bombs Murderous Gaddafi--While Calling On Israel To Show Restraint Against Hamas Terrorists

An excerpt from an email from DG:
I was quite surprised that France took the lead in attacking Qaddafi. It seemed very un-French to be so pro-active in fighting bad guys.

In Yedioth's coverage yesterday though we learn that France has called for restraint from Israel and Hamas

France said on Tuesday it was concerned about an escalation in violence in the Gaza Strip this week and called on both sides to show restraint.

"We are worried by the mounting rocket fire on Israeli territory - which we have condemned - and by the Israeli army's operations in the Gaza Strip," French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Christine Fages told a press briefing.

"We have called on both sides to show the greatest restraint in order to avoid any escalation in violence which recent history has show can have disastrous consequences," she said.
The hypocrisy is even clearer with the Arab League's criticism of the French led assault on Qaddafi for not being careful enough in avoiding civilians.
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