Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Jerusalem Bus Bombing And The Last 11 Days (Update: How About 16 days?)

When a Palestinian terrorist kills Israelis, is it ever an isolated incident?
OyVaGoy notes that it has been 11 days of hell for Israeli

  • March 12: An Israeli couple and their three children are stabbed to death in their sleep in Itamar. A Palestinian terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • March 15: A ship delivering arms for Palestinian terrorists to fire into Israel is intercepted in the Mediterranean.
  • March 19: Palestinian terrorists fire 50 mortars and rockets into southern Israel in just 24 hours.
  • March 23: Terrorists blow-up a bus in Jerusalem.
But according to the media, this is not hell, these terrorist attacks are just an increase in tensions...

UPDATE: Remember March 7:
J'lem sanitation worker loses arm to garbage-bag pipe bomb

Police say small pipe bomb placed in garbage bag in Gilo neighborhood; cops believe incident is capital's first terrorist attack in a year.

A sanitation worker from the Jerusalem Municipality lost his hand on Sunday when a garbage bag he was lifting exploded, in what police believe was the first terrorist attack in the capital in more than a year.
Is this connected?

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