Friday, March 25, 2011

No Wonder Syria Is Shooting At The Protesters: The Regime Has No Place To Run

Michael Totten has made the point that Iran's leader, if ousted, have no country that would take them in.

Now Barry Rubin writes that the Syrian regime, if deposed, might not even make it out of the country:

As for Syria, can anyone tell us why the Syrian army will stand by the regime? Okay, I’ll do it. Syria is run by the Alawite minority who simply aren’t real Muslims but pretend to be Shia when that suits them. The Alawites know that a revolution would almost certainly produce an Islamist takeover and certainly a Sunni Muslim one. And such a regime would line a lot of the Alawites up against a wall and…bang, bang, bang.

That’s a good incentive for shooting down unarmed demonstrators. Kill or be killed.
Not to mention the Islamists who might want to take revenge for the massacre in Hama.

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