Monday, January 23, 2012

Huge Victory: Finally--What Muslim Fanatics Say In Arabic Is Not Ignored

This is a huge victory against fanatical Muslim statements that have regularly been ignored because they were said in Arabic.

In this case, the Jerusalem Mufti--hand-picked by Abbas--called for the murder of Jews

Palestine Media Watch notes that PMW report shows that Mufti did apply call to kill Jews to current conflict

Apparently the Jerusalem Mufti, Muhammad Hussein, is not used to being called on his Arabic statements which till now have been made with impunity.

Wow, finally what a Muslim fanatic says in Arabic is made public instead of being ignored--not only by the Israeli government, which usually stays diplomatically silent, but also from those who reserve their condemnations for Israel--


Challah Hu Akbar, now posting on IsraellyCool, notes that this Jerusalem Mufti, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, was hand-picked to replace the last Mufti--fired by Abbas in 2006:

Criticizing Israel cost me my job, fired Jerusalem mufti complains:
The mufti of Jerusalem, fired last week by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said over the weekend that he had been punished for criticizing Israel and opposing Abbas's policies. Abbas's decision to dismiss the mufti, Sheikh Ikremah Sabri, came shortly after the latter said in a newspaper interview that "Israel did not want peace." Moreover, the decision came after Sabri criticized the international sanctions imposed on the Hamas government and attempts by some Palestinians to bring down the Hamas government. Abbas was also reportedly angered by Sabri's participation in a rally organized in the Galilee two weeks ago by Sheikh Raed Salah's Islamic Movement. At the rally attended by thousands of supporters of the Islamic Movement, Sabri criticized Abbas's decision to hold a referendum on a controversial document drafted by a number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Abbas decided to appoint Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, director of the Aksa Mosque, as the new mufti. Sheikh Hussein is a less controversial figure than Sabri and is closely associated with Abbas's Fatah party.

...A source in Abbas's office confirmed that Sabri had been sacked "because of his statements against the peace process." According to the source, Sabri appeared to support the Hamas government in its power struggle with Abbas and his Fatah party. "The mufti is appointed by the president, not the government. Therefore, he must represent the president alone," the source explained.
Clearly, the dismissal of the last Mufti had as much to do with his support for Hamas as any inconvenient criticism of Israel. After all, considering Abbas's penchant for paying salaries for terrorists in Israel prisons as well as honoring terrorist attacks--it's clear that mere criticism of Israel is not what galvanized Abbas into action.

But the bottom line is that we have finally heard criticism and condemnation of what Muslim fanatics say in Arabic--an area where they feel free to say things directly opposite to their statements in English.

Keep in mind, this video of the Jerusalem Mufti calling for murder of Jews caused YouTube to freeze PMW's account. A few days later, YouTube did unfreeze PMW's account.

The fact that Palestine Media Watch's coverage of the Jerusalem Mufti is directly responsible for the condemnation of what he said exemplifies why it is so important for YouTube to allow the hate-filled language of Islamists to be available on YouTube so that it can be publicized, condemned and ultimately curbed.

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