Monday, January 30, 2012

What Export Is Lebanon And Iran Sharing With Syria? Snipers

If you are a leading patron of terrorism like Iran, or like Lebanon--the home of a leading terrorist group like Hezbollah: what kind of exports can you offer the murderous regime of Assad in Syria?

It ain't oranges.
Syrian regime 'importing snipers' for protests

SYRIA is deploying large numbers of Hezbollah and Iranian snipers as "military consultants" to murder anti-regime protesters, a senior government defector has told The Times.

The salaries of the marksmen are paid through a slush fund replenished with US dollars flown in from Iran, according to Mahmoud Haj Hamad, who was the treasury's top auditor at the Defence Ministry until he fled Syria last month.

The same fund is used to pay the Shabiha, the gangs of thugs who have joined the state security services in torturing and killing protesters.
Apparently a dollar still goes a long way in the Middle East.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the Syrian massacre in Hama, we should bear in mind that the specialty of the Syrian regime is mass murder, not snipers--thus the need for Hezbollah and Iranian snipers:
Both have tight military ties with the regime of President Assad, a member of the Alawite sect, a sub-group of the Shia branch of Islam.

Mr Hamad said: "At the beginning there were hundreds, then when things started to get worse they started to bring in more outsiders. The numbers were huge - in the thousands."

The foreign reinforcements are prized by the regime for their street-fighting abilities, having crushed dissent in Iran and Lebanon.

At a time that Iran continues to praise the Arab Spring, it is helpful to get past the pravda-style rhetoric and recall that Iran sees the Arab Spring as the spreading of Islamic dictatorship, and the crushing of the Muslim people--wherever they live.

And if that means Iran has to help Syria slaughter unarmed civilians, Iran is only too happy to share its expertise.

And Iran's puppets in Hezbollah are only too happy to help.

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