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Major Terrorist Attack Thwarted On Sunday In Jenin

Lest you think that under the watchful moderate eye of President-emeritus Abbas the West Bank is a quiet and terror-free, it was reported yesterday that Border Police thwart major terror attack near Jenin:
Border Police officers captured close to a dozen pipe bombs at the Salem Crossing near Jenin in the northern West Bank on Sunday, thwarting what appears to have been a major terrorist attack, possibly against a nearby military court.

Four Palestinians were arrested at the crossing and were found to be in possession of 11 pipe bombs, a homemade pistol and a commando knife. They were transferred to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for interrogation.

The four were last in line to enter the Samaria Military Court when one of the soldiers stationed at the crossing, from the Military Police, spotted wires protruding from under his jacket.

The officers shut down the crossing and ordered the Palestinian to undress and discovered three pipe bombs. Another eight were discovered in his bag together with a homemade pistol, several bullets and a commando knife.

“I don’t remember such a large cache of bombs caught on one person,” Lt.-Col. Erez, commander of the Haruv Battalion said.
Considering the incitement of hatred against Israel, what with terrorists being honored with stadiums and the like being named after them--this is not exactly a surprise.

Israel Behind The News came out with a number of  reports of Palestinian incitement of hatred of Israel during the latter part of 2009 leading into 2010:
Since then, the focus of the reports has been on the UNRWA.

Palestinian Media Watch also has been keeping track of incitement of hate by Abbas and the PA.

In May 2011, Itamar Marcus presented on Capitol Hill his report, From Terrorists to Role Models: The Palestinian Authority’s Institutionalization of Incitement which reported on the Palestinian Authority policy of naming schools, streets, sporting events, summer camps and ceremonies after terrorists.
In September, the Israeli Prime Minister's office came out with a list of Palestinian incitement over the last number of months--including 5 incidences of Palestinian hatred towards Israel during 2011:
On 9.3.11, Abu Mazen's advisor Sabri Saidam, delivered a speech in which he emphasized that Palestinian weapons must be turned towards Israel. He demanded that the Palestinian people be attentive to the living conditions of martyrs' families and said that the anniversary of the death of Dalal Mughrabi (one of the perpetrators of 1978 coastal highway massacre) should be marked by inaugurating a square in her name in the city of El-Bireh.

On 6.3.11, the PA's official newspaper, Al Hayat Al-Jadida, published an item to the effect that the management of a youth club in Ramallah planned to hold a soccer tournament in memory of Wafa Idris, a suicide bomber.

On 9.2.11, the official Palestinian television station broadcast a clip from a campaign entitled "Women as Exemplars", during which Dalal Mughrabi (see above) was extolled. In the summer of 2010, several children's summer camps were named after her.

On 24.1.11, the Governor of Jenin issued a Presidential Grant worth $2,000 to the family of Palestinian terrorist, Khaldoun Samoudi, who was killed while trying to detonate two bombs against IDF soldiers at the Beka'ot Crossing.

On 2.1.11, Al Hayat Al-Jadida reported that Azzam Al-Ahmed, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, attended a gathering on the 46th anniversary of the establishment of Fatah, held in the village of Turah, south-west of Jenin, during which models of settlement buildings were blown up. He reviewed terrorist attacks that had been perpetrated by Fatah and said that, "Fatah is a mass movement which believed in popular revolution and wrested its right to use all means of resistance in order to achieve its aim."
More chilling, the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar came just 3 weeks after Abbas' Palestinian Authority televised a video praising terrorist "martyrs"--including one terrorist who murdered Israelis in Itamar in 2002:
A Palestinian Authority video TV tribute to "Martyrs" three weeks ago included the terrorist who killed three Israelis in a 2002 terror attack in the West Bank town of Itamar. Itamar was the scene of Friday's terror attack, in which Ruth and Udi Fogel and their three children were murdered.

The video was in honor of the anniversary of the founding of the DFLP (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), and was broadcast on PA TV several times daily for four days. It featured a collage with photographs labeled "Martyrs (Shahids) of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Nablus." It included the picture of terrorist Habash Hanani, who in May 2002 entered Itamar and murdered three students in the local high school.
The constant incitement of hatred towards Israel by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority has never ceased, regardless of claims by Abbas to the contrary. That incitement continued even during peace talks between Netanyahu and Abbas.

And now we have this thwarted attack.

If the IDF did not have a presence there, who knows if rockets would be fired at Israel from there.

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