Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Is Hamas The Cuddly Moderate And Netanyahu The Extremist

Ever notice that we are constantly being told that Hamas is moderating?

From the time that Hamas won the election back in 2006 (a year before the bloody coup where Hamas kicked out Fatah), we have been lectured on how Hamas would moderate, is moderating, wants to moderate, is split over moderating...

...all in spite of what Hamas actually says, namely that Hamas will "never give up its armed struggle against the Zionist enemy".

It's almost as if the _more_ Hamas terrorists say they want to destroy Israel, the _more_ the apologists say that Hamas is becoming more moderate.

But by the same token the opposite seems to apply to Netanyahu. The more Netanyahu says he is in favor of a 2 state solution and wants to sit down with Abbas and talk peace, the more the same people say that Netanayhu is a right wing extremist.

I can understand the self-delusion behind wanting to believe that the Hamas terrorists will stop firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Unfortunately, the Israel-hatred behind the blind condemnation of Israel and everything it does is becoming clear too.

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