Monday, March 19, 2012

Palestinian Terrorists Now Dictate Where Israel Can Build In Their Cities

Two towns in southern Israel are opposed the the building of a power station in their area.

Some of the concerns are environmental.

But the biggest concern in Southern Israel is that the power station will be within the range of rockets from Gaza:
The Kiryat Malachi City Council and neighboring Moshav Be’er Tuviya filed a petition with the High Court of Justice on Sunday, asking the court to prevent a power station from being built in the area.

The petition argues that the gas-fired power station, planned to be constructed in the Be’er Tuviya industrial zone, could pose a serious danger to local residents because it is within firing range of the Gaza Strip.
On the other hand, there are assurances that all the risks have been looked into and evaluated:
The National Infrastructure Committee and its environmental consultants had determined criteria for the plant’s establishment, the company said, which comprised a comprehensive risk survey for scenarios including earthquakes, security, air quality, sewage and soil pollution.
It's not immediately clear if by "security" they mean a terrorist rocket from Gaza.

In any case, with the range of the rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza increasing, this may not be the last time we hear about concerns for terrorist attacks affecting where Israel can or cannot build within its borders.

Hat tip: Neil Lazarus

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