Friday, July 10, 2009

Iran: "The Uprising Is Not Over" (Updated)

No one knows for sure how things are going to end up in Iran. One thing we now know for sure is that despite the massive crackdown on the protests and the numbers of protesters arrested (and worse), the protests are not over.

Michael Ledeen had coverage of Thursday's protests on his blog. At the end of today's post he writes:

4 o’clock: there are still clashes in Tehran, and probably other cities as well. It’s too early for an overall assessment of the “meaning” of the day, but some things are clear enough:

1. The uprising is not over. If anything, today’s turnout, discipline, and obviously improved tactics suggest that the opposition is stronger;

2. The regime hasn’t won any converts to its side. Rafsanjani’s daughter was reportedly in the crowd today, and I am still waiting for confirmation of the widely reported story that Mousavi appeared at a mosque and delivered a speech;

3. The opposition seems to have gained a tempo in this game. I’d expect the strikes to continue, and to intensify. I wonder if any American trade union is going to support its Iranian brothers and sisters;

4. Meanwhile, we’ve learned to accept a simple truth about Khamenei. You gotta read it!

4:30 PM (last reliable information I’m going to have today, I think). Khamenei was told the following:

* massive demonstrations
* 3 killed
* 78 known as seriously wounded, many broken bones and ruptured internal organs, several may not make it; other wounded may have disappeared
* 600 arrests

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM OPPOSITION: “please tell the world about these atrocities; people did nothing, silence, no provocations, no violence but fierce attacks by the government forces.”

Read the whole thing.


UPDATE: Revolutionary Road has pictures of Thursday's protests both here (with liveblogging of the protests) and here.

He also posted a number of videos in both posts.

Check it out.

Also check out the LA Times Blog, Babylon & Beyond, which also has video coverage of Thursday's protests here and here.

The New York Times Blog, The Lede, also liveblogged Thursday's protests and includes pictures and videos. Robert Mackey notes:
While Thursday’s opposition protests were not as large as those held in the first week after the election, they were dramatic, coming on the tenth anniversary of student protests in 1999, and following threats from the security forces.

Today’s events may also have been the most well-documented by Iranian video bloggers, who uploaded a relatively large number of clips very quickly.

The ability to continue to provide documentation to the outside world will obviously be crucial.

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