Friday, July 10, 2009

Mike Wallace Interviews Abba Eban (April 1958) [Updated]

I received an email from Ted Belman of Israpundit about this video. It can be viewed at the website of The University of Texas. I found another copy on Yahoo Video (I didn't even know they had one.)

Here is some of what Ted wrote about the interview:
I can't recommend enough, this 1958 one hour interview of Abba Eban by Mike Wallace.

Once you get by the cigarette commercial, which is a real blast from yesteryear, you will see in the interview, an antisemitic interviewer intent on repeating on national television, in the most watched show in the US, every charge against Israel that the most scurrilous people make, and the brilliant responses from the incomparable Abba Eban, Israel's Ambassador to the UN.

Eban's responses were deftly and will delicately stated. They succeeded in turning all the horrific charges Wallace made into Israel's favour, with dignity and irony, and in so doing showed Wallace up for the antisemite he was.
Here is the interview (it starts out fuzzy, but clears up):

Israel Matzav found the transcript for the interview--you can view it here.

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