Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Jerusalem--End of Week Review: July 19, 2009

From an email:

End of Week Review: July 12, 2009

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

Did Netanyahu Go Over The Line?: This week, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. While it was a closed meeting there are reports that the two men did not see eye to eye. Supposedly Steinmeier, like Obama and other European... (read more)

Is Israel The Answer to Obama's Downward Spiral?: For a President with an ambitious domestic agenda, President Obama certainly spends a lot of high-profile time overseas. One reason for this may be the strong inclination among politicians to attempt to deflect criticism at home by diverting attention overseas.... (read more)

Temple Quarry Found : The Associated Press is reporting the discovery of the ancient quarry used to supply material for the construction of the Second Temple.The 2,300 year old quarry provided the massive walls of the Temple. Dr. Ofir Safir the director of the... (read more)

Sincerely, The One Jerusalem Team

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