Monday, December 28, 2009

Arab League Stands Up For International Law (sort of)

The good news: the Arab League supports international law and respects for human rights:
Secretary General Amr Moussa said Sunday that the Arab League was determined to prosecute the persons behind war crimes in Gaza.

In a statement issued to mark the first anniversary of the Israeli army’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, Moussa recalled the report drafted by the Arab League’s independent investigation commission on the attacks and the report written by Justice Richard Goldstone, who was entrusted by the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate these crimes.

He said in this respect that the stability of the region was dependent on a fair and lasting peace, the result of the recovery by the Palestinians of their rights and the establishment of a State in their territories occupied since 1967.
The bad news? Not so much:

Arab leaders welcomed Sudanese President Omar al Bashir, who has been indicted on war-crimes charges, as he arrived for an annual summit here, shrugging off international pressure to arrest him and focusing on their own regional security concerns.

Mr. Bashir's warm reception Sunday evening was emerging as the clearest point of unity among the notoriously squabbling 22 members of the Arab League. The International Criminal Court in The Hague indicted him on war crimes earlier this month. One of the summit's announced goals is to voice support for Mr. Bashir, according to officials from Qatar, the hosts of the meeting.
Is it any wonder that you don't hear the pro-Palestinian apologists speak out about Palestinian vs Palestinian violence and oppression?

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