Friday, December 18, 2009

Mahmoud Abbas--This Is The Man The West Is Pinning Its Hopes On For Mideast Peace?

I like this bit from Rick Richman's post at Contentions:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — currently in the 60th month of his 48-month term, a declared non-candidate for re-election (in the event there is ever another Palestinian election), presently governing only half of the putative Palestinian state — has told Haaretz that a peace agreement could be reached within six months if Israel will make more pre-negotiation concessions.
Peace could be reached not only in our time but with four full months left over to complete Netanyahu’s 10-month settlement freeze. Abbas will hold the football himself.

Richman quotes Ari Shavit of Haaretz, who states as concisely as I've ever seen just why a second Palestinian state just is not possible at this time:
With Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip, arming itself to the teeth and enjoying the support of about one-third of the Palestinians, it has the right to veto any diplomatic progress. With Fatah unwilling to recognize the Jewish nation-state and objecting to a demilitarized Palestinian state, there is no chance for a peace treaty.
This of course is without even going into the details: lack of leadership, lots of corruption, and no real infrastructure--especially when it comes to protecting Fatah from their Hamas brothers.

Perhaps those countries and organizations who are in such a rush to create this state could let us know just how exactly they expect this thing to work. Then again, I imagine the key thing for them is to just contrive a state--later on they'll try to fix it (kind of like the idea behind passing Obama's Health Care Bill).

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