Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Palestine, USA!

I came across a  hotel in Chautauqua, NY--located on Palestine Ave.
Doing some searching I found that there is also a Palestine, Texas

If you visit the Visit Palestine webiste, you'll discover that
  • It was the early home of Daniel Parker and was named after the Parkers' former home of Palestine, Illinois.

  • The discovery of oil in 1928 at Boggy Creek, east of Palestine, diversified the town's economy and carried Palestine through the Great Depression.qv Several producing fields were later found in Anderson County, and Palestine became a center for oil-well servicing and supplies.
It is a sad commentary when Palestine, Texas may have more oil than Israel...

In case you're wondering how Palestine, Illinois got its name...
  • It was named Palestine by John LaMotte because it reminded him of the biblical land of "milk and honey".

  • Palestine is located along the west bank of the Wabash River [hmmm, figures...]
Well, there goes my coffee break.
Back to work.

(You too.)

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