Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hezbollah Joins The Nuclear "Me Too!" Club

Now that Iran has successfully thumbed its nose at the US enough times and has a nuclear facility in Bushehr to show for it, it was only a matter of time before Hezbollah chief calls on Lebanon to build nuclear reactor:
Seyyed Hassan Nasarllah, leader of the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah, called on Lebanon's government to follow Tehran's footsteps and build a nuclear facility to generate electricity like the reactor in Bushehr, Iran.

"The cost of building the Bushehr reactor was less than Lebanon's investment in the electricity network. I call on the government to build a nuclear reactor to generate electricity, and then we can also sell energy to Syria, Cyprus and other countries in the region," he said.
Of course Iran, which has already agreed to help Sudan with their plans for a nuclear reactor, will be only too happy to oblige. Ahmadinejad will be visiting Lebanon in September after Ramadan is over. Expect him to tell us how happy he will be to help out.

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