Friday, August 20, 2010

Homeless Gazans Seize Hamas Building

Hamas has been anything but easygoing on the Gazans who voted them into office. For one thing, they have been known to suddenly appear on people's doorsteps to evict them within minutes of destroying their homes, and little time to remove their belongings.

Here is a video--
the video will start at the relevant point, but afterwards, please start from the beginning to see what is really going on in Gaza.

Now, it seems that some Gazans are striking back as Homeless Gazans Seize Hamas Government Building:
Forty families whose houses were destroyed in conflict with Israel took over a building belonging to Gaza's Hamas rulers this week in a sign of dissatisfaction with the Islamist movement's failure to provide shelter. Skip related content

Angered by living in tents for two winters and now baking in the midst of an intense heat wave, the squatters took over the unfinished apartment house and have already resisted one police effort to evict them.
Another thing that Gazans maybe be angered by is the funding that has been sent to Gaza, but is not making its way there:
International donors pledged nearly $5 billion in reconstruction aid but no money has arrived, partly because of the feud between Hamas and Fatah. Israel's blockade of the territory also restricts supplies of cement and steel, which it says could be used for military purposes by Hamas.
Note that this alleged shortage of cement and steel has not stopped the construction of a new mall in Gaza.

Cement for a mall--but not for housing, nor for the shelters Gazans will need if Hamas keeps firing rockets at civilian targets in Israel.

Hat tip: This Ongoing War

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