Monday, August 23, 2010

Violence Disrupts The Peaceful Coexistence At The Rami Levi Supermarket

I posted earlier this month about the remarkable Rami Levy Supermarket near Gush Etziyon, where Israeli Jews and Arabs shop together in search of bargains.

Now JoeSettler has posted at Muqata that the tranquility has been broken and the IDF, police and ambulances were called out there--and 6 people, both Israeli Jews and Arabs--were taken to the hospital.

The cause?

Rival Arab clans attacked each other.

JoeSettler writes:
Rami Levy is supposed to be a symbol of coexistence in Gush Etzion, but it looks like this symbol just wasn't enough to maintain the fragile coexistence that exists in "Palestinian" Arab society which is actually a conglomeration of often rival Hamulot (clans).
In the Middle East, Muslim countries keep such rivalries under control with a heavy hand, which raises one more question as to how Abbas--who still needs outside help to keep from being pushed out by Hamas--is supposed to maintain a state.

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