Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Squeaky +Flotilla Doesn't Necessarily Get The Greece (Updated)

Yeah, I know--but it's Sunday...

Anyhow: the on again, off again all-women Lebanese flotilla is again having problems after it was first announced 2 months ago. It turns out that when Cyprus told them they would not be allowed entry into Cyprus, they actually meant it.

Now the flotilla is looking into Plan B:

The Lebanese women who are organizing the Gaza bound aid ship told As Safir that Mariam aid ship heading may alter its course by heading Greece first instead of Cyprus after Cyprus refused to allow the ship to dock at its ports.

The organizers revealed that contacts are underway with the Greek government if Cyprus maintained its position.
I don't know if there has been any response yet from Greece, but I saw a post on Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations that indicates the response--when it comes--may be 'no':
A friend who just returned from a vacation in Greece told that he was surprised that wherever he and his wife went, the local villagers were eager to tell of their support for Israel. Since he'd never been there before, he couldn't say if this was new, a sign of support for Turkey's new enemy.
Of course, what the people say doesn't necessarily get reflected in the politics of the government. Still, this would give Greece an opportunity to indirectly give Turkey--which has raised a fuss over the flotillas--a raspberry.

The Lebanese flotilla is beginning to look less and less like a well-planned operation, and more and more like an ongoing soap opera.

Just in time for Ramadan.

UPDATE: Judeosphere has a post up that indicates that the Greek government itself, and not just its people, are looking to improve relations with Israel.

Oh well, I suppose the Lebanese flotilla could always go to Turkey first...

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