Monday, September 26, 2011

The Iconoclast: The Theme Netanyahu Dropped Smack Into The Middle Of The U. N.

Brian of London has pointed out the most important part of Netanyahu's speech at the U.N.. It was the mention of "militant Islam" six times. One example is here:
"And these critics continue to press Israel to make far-reaching concessions without first assuring Israel’s security. They praise those who unwittingly feed the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam as bold statesmen. They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its gaping jaws." [emphasis added]
It was not all the talk about "peace" --
that could better have been replaced, but circumstances did not permit it, with a discussion of the difference between a "peace" guaranteed through deterrence and a "peace" that relies on a "peace treaty" with Muslim states or entities that cannot be anything other than a "truce treaty," a hudna, to be broken by the Muslim side -- but never by the non-Muslims in the slightest particular, oh no, that would be impossible, that would be intolerable, that would be punishable by mass death.

No, it was, I repeat, that mention of "militant Islam."  
That's the most important part of his speech.
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Hopefully, the theme will do better than Islamofascism.

Introducing the meme was the first step--it won't take long to see whether this was a token gesture or whether there is a real initiative here.

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