Monday, September 19, 2011

Video: The Shomron - Samaria - Israel's Higher Ground

The Shomron Liaison Office was established to provide the local, regional and international community with information on the Shomron.

In an effort to increase and enhance our informational services, the Shomron Regional Council has initiated exciting new programs including guided tours in the Shomron, providing participants with a firsthand perspective of the growing communities, diversified residents and dynamic developments in the region.

See the video:

Highlights of the tours include: Boutique wineries and vineyards on the peeks of the mountains, organic farms in Ithamar, Ariel Universtiy (whose student body is 12,000 strong), among many others. Participants are taken to Barkan and other communities where they get a scenic view from "Israel's Balcony". It is called "Israel's Mirpeset" because from these spots can be seen the Gush Dan Region, including Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and various other coastal cities.

We look forward and welcome you to our home, the Shomron!

David Ha'ivri
Executive Director
The Shomron Liaison Office

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