Monday, January 02, 2012

Please Sign This Petition To Review Palestine's Admission as a Member of UNESCO

There is a petition now circulating online to review Palestine's admission as a member of UNESCO:
Why This Is Important

Palestine's admission as a member of UNESCO on 31 October 2011 is illegal - since the two-thirds majority of members required to admit Palestine under articles II(2) and II (3) of UNESCO'S Constitution is 129 - not the 107 member States that actually voted for Palestine's admission.

The decision will cost UNESCO over $100 million per annum in funding and seriously affect UNESCO's ongoing programs for the universal benefit of humankind.

UNESCO has failed to rebut this claim or accede to my request that it urgently obtain an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice
This petition will be presented to UNESCO.

The Executive Committee of UNESCO can recommend the resolution to admit Palestine be nullified since the required majority of 129 members was not obtained OR resolve to obtain an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice as to the legality of Palestine's admission to UNESCO

UNESCO should be concerned to ensure it acts at all times in accordance with its Constitution.

After all, if UNESCO is going to admit 'Palestine' as a member, let it do so through the front door like everyone else--not the back.
Otherwise, how many other of the UN's rules should we expect to be broken when it suits someone's agenda.

Besides signing this petition, please pass it along and share it.

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