Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hamas Has No Monopoly On Terrorist Attacks--Attack Foiled In West Bank

This Palestinian terrorist attack did not take place near Gaza--it took place in the Yehudah and Shomron area--and the Arabs themselves handed the men over.
Elon Moreh: Stabbing attack foiled; 2 arrested

IDF forces arrested two Palestinians near Elon Moreh Monday, after they were found to be in possession of large knives. Security forces believe the two were planning a stabbing attack in the settlement.

The two suspects were spotted trying to enter Elon Moreh, a West Bank settlement located northeast of Nablus.

During the ensuing pursuit, led by Golani forces, the two fled towards the nearby Palestinian village of Azamut. They were refused shelter by several of the resident and eventually turned over to the IDF by the headmaster of the local school.
The fact that the terrorists were turned over to the Israeli authorities is noteworthy. As long as the incitement of hatred against Israel by President Emeritus Abbas continues and terrorists are honored and celebrated--we can expect more terrorist attacks encouraged by Abbas.

There are still sporadic times, however, that some Arabs realize that these terrorist attacks are not in their interest and that the terrorists themselves are not heroes.

If only more would realize this.

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