Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hillary's Gall: Pollard Will Stay In Prison Forever--But Israel Should Release Palestinian Terrorists!

Clinton's statements were the harshest, toughest, and most insensitive from
any American official since Vice President Biden said Pollard would be
released over his dead body
Kadima MK Ronit Tirosh

Hillary Clinton's disastrous visit to Israel will be remembered most for her cold statement denying any hope that Jonathan Pollard will be released.

It follows on another statement reflecting Clinton's chutzpah.

Seth Mandel notes that Clinton Unwittingly Makes Case Against Administration’s Mideast Policy, quoting a Haaretz report on Hillary's contradictory claim why Netanyahu should negotiate with Abbas:

According to an Israeli official who was briefed on the content of the meetings, Clinton told the different Israeli officials that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad are the best partners the Israelis ever had, adding that “it is unclear who will come after them.”
Abbas and Fayyad are the best peace partners Israel has ever had???

Mandel writes:
If Abbas and Fayyad–who resolutely refuse to even meet with Israeli leaders face to face–are the best Palestinian “peace partners” Israel has ever had, it is clear the peace process has gone practically nowhere since it began
Indeed, considering the threat by Egypt's new Islamist government to annul or re-negotiate the peace treaty with Israel, Clinton's claim that there is no way of knowing who will rule after Abbas and Fayyad is an excellent reason not to negotiate with these two Palestinian leaders who have made a point of avoiding negotiations.

But Hillary's visit will most be remembered for her cold rejection of any hope that Jonathan Pollard will be released, as the Jerusalem Post reports: Pollard campaign: Clinton comments slap in Israels face:
"With respect to Mr. Pollard, he was convicted of spying in 1987," Clinton said. "He was sentenced to life in prison, he is serving that sentence, and I do not have any expectations that that is going to change."
The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home noted Clinton's chutzpah:
In what can only be regarded as unmitigated gall, while deflecting Israel’s requests for the release of Pollard, Mrs. Clinton pressed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and
President Shimon Peres to release of a number of convicted murderers and
terrorists to the Palestinian Authority, who she also said were 'sentenced
to life in prison' and are 'serving that sentence.'
Meanwhile, Kadima MK Ronit Tirosh revealed that she was prevented from delivering a letter signed by 11 Knesset faction heads to Secretary of State Clinton, pleading for Pollard's release.

Clinton's clumsiness did not help Obama's attempt to strengthen his weakening relationship with the American Jewish community, as Likud MK Danny Danon noted, adding:
Now what she said about Pollard is the only thing that will be remembered from her visit. The Obama administration either does not understand Israelis or they simply don't care.
Clinton's mishandling of Pollard issue may be one more indication of the failure of Obama's disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East, and of the difficulties Obama's reelection campaign against Romney, who will be visiting Israel and will be sure to highlight not only the refusal of the Obama administration to release Jonathan Pollard, but the cold, insensitive way Hillary Clinton dealt with the issue.

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