Thursday, February 12, 2009

Israeli Peace Depends On Obama, Not The Israeli Government

This may not affect the peace process, the fate of which rests less on the makeup of Israel's government than on Obama's level of determination. Obama has indicated that he wants to have the United States play the role of "honest broker" between Israelis and Palestinians rather than continue to act like "Israel's lawyer," as former Middle East mediator Aaron David Miller described the U.S. stance under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
M. J. Rosenberg, Director of Policy Analysis for the Israel Policy Forum, on Avigdor Lieberman's possible inclusion in the next Israeli coalition
One wonders whether Jewish liberals in the US believe Israelis--who indicated a clear preference for right wing parties--get an actual say in the matter.
...Come to think of it, does Obama think the same way?

[Hat tip: Jonathan Tobin]

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