Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please say T'hillim for Wounded IDF Soldiers

From an email:
Please say T'hillim for:

Wounded IDF Soldiers (until 28 Feb 2009):
  • Aharon Yehoshua ben Chayah Shoshana - second lieutenant married a few hours before being called up - critically injured (head wounds) by shrapnel from a booby-trapped home in Gaza - b'H', is recovering...;
  • Ben ben Keti Shifra;
  • Ben ben Netivah – critical with head injuries & has had one hand amputated and doctors are battling to save his other hand;
  • Chaim Moshe Naftali ben Ruth Reizel;
  • Daniel ben Sophie;
  • Dvir ben Leah - serious head injury, comatose;
  • Eitan ben Sarah – very serious leg injury;
  • Eyal ben Yehudit;
  • Gal ben Aliza (Elsa);
  • Ido ben Rachel;
  • Li'el Hoshea HaCohen ben Miriam - critical head injury;
  • Mabrato Uri ben Sarah Imeinu (Radahain);
  • Mor Mordechai ben Orna - leg injury;
  • Moshe Izzy ben Chanah Malkah - amputated hand;
  • Neriya ben Rivkah – very serious head injury;
  • Noam ben Elsa - one leg amputated; doctors fighting to save the other;
  • Roi ben Dinah;
  • Ron ben Varda;
  • Yivgeni ben Elizabeth - leg injury;
  • Yosef ben Yaffah;
  • Yosef Chaim ben Ziva – very seriously injured on the entire left side of his body - regained consciousness on 15Jan2009 after two weeks in a coma;

Wounded Israeli Civilians (until 28 Feb 2009):
  • Bat El Hila bat Phoebe – moderately injured from Kassam attack in Netivot;
  • Michael ben Anna;
  • Moshe Rafael ben Alizah Chayah;
  • Or'el Refael ben Angela - seriously injured after Grad missile hit his Be’er Sheva family’s car, name recently changed from Or’el;
  • Ya’akov ben Miriam;

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