Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The US Is In Thrall To Venezuelan Oil Too

Apparently US oil interests do not hold it in thrall only to the Middle East--Hugo Chavez gets a free pass in Venezuela for the same reason, according to Micahel Rowan:
But the U.S. does not sanction Chavez for anti-democratic behavior for the same reason it does not declare him a state sponsor of terror when all the intelligence on the FARC, Iran, Hezbollah, & Hamas requires them to do so: because of the oil. The U.S. is a lily-livered chicken. The OAS is a purchased coward. The EU is all words and no action. And the U.N. is controlled by forces that want the war against America to succeed: Russia, China, the Muslim world, and some in the "bottom billion" living in failed states that Paul Collier writes about.
In the case of the Middle East, the same attitude leads the US to try to find and enforce the peace solution most in tune with what the Arab world wants, without being too blatant about second-guessing the security interests of its 'ally'.

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