Monday, February 23, 2009

Just In: Blogging Is Good For Your Brain!

From Just One Minute: Blog For Your Brain:
Great news from the world of medicine:

Participating in certain mental activities, like reading magazines or crafting in middle age or later in life, may delay or prevent memory loss, according to a study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 61st Annual Meeting in Seattle, April 25 to May 2, 2009.

...The study found that during later years, reading books, playing games, participating in computer activities and doing craft activities such as pottery or quilting led to a 30 to 50 percent decrease in the risk of developing memory loss compared to people who did not do those activities. People who watched television for less than seven hours a day in later years were 50 percent less likely to develop memory loss than people who watched for more than seven hours a day.

People who participated in social activities and read magazines during middle age were about 40 percent less likely to develop memory loss than those who did not do those activities.

There you go - reading, computer activities, socializing - clearly this is all about blogs. 

This really is great news--but I still want to know: if blogging is so good for my memory, why do I forget to go to bed. I'm not asking for myself--my wife needs to know.

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Soccer Dad said...

Where did you read about this study?