Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Test To See How Serious The World Is To Stop The Rockets From Gaza

The rockets from Gaza just keep on coming--despite the Hamas declaration of a 'ceasefire':
Qassams fired from Gaza land in open areas within Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council; no injuries reported. In response, Israeli aircraft bomb smuggling tunnels under Gaza-Egypt border.
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...Despite Hamas' declaration of a ceasefire following Operation Cast Lead, Palestinian gunmen have continued firing several rockets and mortar shells almost every day, making life very difficult for southern Israel's residents.
Now we know that the UN had no problem withholding supplies to Gaza until Hamas returned stolen supplies--and in fact Hamas did return those stolen supplies.

Since we know this kind of pressure works, why not withhold all of the money and supplies that have been collected for Gaza until the rockets completely stop--and threaten that at any point should rockets be fired, all supplies will be withheld for a week?

The answer why this will not be done is because of the UN mentality, which distinguishes between food and arms. When the UN--for reasons unknown--put tons of unexploded Israeli arms under the greedy watchful eye of Hamas and it was stolen. The UN reaction was far more muted and as Elder of Ziyon has noted, the arms are in the hands of terrorists and are being dismantled to use for bombs against Israel.

Apparently, far be it that the UN should take an active interest in the explosives that were under its control--and far be it that the West take active steps to use pressure to prevent bloodshed.

Sanctions are for Saddam's Iraq, not for Hamas.

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