Friday, November 20, 2009

Goldstone Report: It's A Missile! No, It's A Mortar! No, It's An Air To Ground Rocket!!

The blog Harris ad hoc addresses the issues surrounding the attack on the al-Maqadmah mosque, 3 January 2009: in this case the changing story between the Goldstone Report and Judge Goldstone himself, about what actually happened.

After laying out and analyzing the various relevant paragraphs from the report--and Judge Goldstone's different version presented at the Brandeis debate--Harris summarizes how the telling of the story of the al-Maqadmah mosque has changed:
The written report claims that it had been an isolated air strike unrelated to any ground operations and fire fights and explicitly claims that apparently no ground forces were in that area during that incident. Lateron [sic] the air-to-ground missile has turned into a mortar shell which does not contain any tungsten and can not be fired precisely at a mosque door and would not have allowed to make such a case of an Israeli strike because the origin of such a mortar shell would remain unclear. Now this mortar shell has turned back into a missile which is claimed to be - with certainty - a ground-to-ground missile fired by ground troops who - which is implied in it - would had been operating in the closest proximity of that mosque not mentioned by anyone in the testemonies or by the written report. And suddenly - for countering Gold's claims that the mosque had not been attacked by the IDF - Goldstone adds some tungsten shrapnels which are not mentioned in the written report with regard to this incident.

Read the whole thing.

Apparently no one really cares how the mosque was destroyed--as long as it can be blamed on Israel.

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