Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goldstone Reports's Col. Desmond Travers: 'Hey, They Never Laid A Glove On Me!'

But not a glove has been landed on the report itself … It cannot and will not be buried. It will not go away.
Col. Desmond Travers, participant in the Goldstone fact-finding mission

And neither will the analyzes, criticisms and refutations of that very same Goldstone Report--critiques that Col. Travers claims do not exist.

Among the sources of analysis online is Understanding The Goldstone Report, which has a section featuring Open Letters To Judge Goldstone, including:
And that is not even including Israel's in-depth response.

If Col. Travers cannot even recognize the fact that in-depth, critiques of the Report exist that deal with the actual facts, what are we to think of the Goldstone Report in which he participated?

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