Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Iran Apologizes To The US!

Well, not exactly all of Iran--just a piece of it:
Iran opposition to apologise to US for embassy siege

Leaders of Iran's opposition movement are to make an unprecedented apology to the US on the 30th anniversary of the storming of the American embassy in Tehran.

In a gesture likely to provoke fury among hardliners in the Tehran regime, they will apologise on Wednesday for the hostage crisis that gripped the world for 444 days and led to a decisive break between Iran and the US, which is now routinely denounced as "the Great Satan".

Organisers of the Green Movement, the umbrella group that seeks to overturn the official result of the June presidential election, plan to use the official commemoration of the take over to make a fresh assault on the revolutionary credentials of Iran's leadership.
Michael Ledeen, commenting on this report writes, "There will be monster rallies all over Iran, mostly to challenge the regime."

This, at a time when most people probably think the protests are over.

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