Monday, November 30, 2009

If You're Going To Equate Global Warming With Belief In G_d...

During "The McLaughlin Group" on Sunday, host John McLaughlin asked about the upcoming Copenhagen climate change treaty and the possible effect on the US economy...

Later in the show, Buchanan reiterated his point that global warming wasn't going on and said there was no proof that any of the warming that has occurred in recent history was caused by man.

"It was warming, John," Buchanan said. "It's not been warming since '98. Secondly, there's no known proof it's because of man and there's no known proof it's a great danger."

However, Clift felt inclined to responded, rather emphatically. She said she believes U.S. policy should be proactive toward the issue. Her view is arguably indicative of the mainstream media's sentiment on the debate, and she equated it to blind faith when she told Buchanan there's no proof there's a God either, which didn't mean global warming wasn't a danger.

"It's no known proof there's God, either. How much proof do you need, Pat?" Clift replied. "Oh, it is a danger. It's a danger in many places."

Here's the video:

So according to Eleanor Clift's formulation, reliance on science is no 'better' than faith in religion?

Still, it's a lot better than those who refer to the critics of Global Warming as 'Denialists'--comparing questioning Global Warming with denying the Holocaust.

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